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Are you training for your first Marathon or want to run a fast 5k?

Let's face it; running is easy! But planning a good season that takes you to that finish line with your busy life every athlete has, is hard. That is where we come into the picture. With detailed planning of your training, we set the bar higher to help you improve your running limits. We adjust your daily training load so you can focus on the training by hitting the right intervals, tempo runs, or working on a steady when needed. We coach you, so you get the right volume in your building weeks and help to hold you back on your tapering. Then you will have the optimal preparation for your race no matter your current running form. 

TeamAllOut personal running training planning includes:

  • Individualized training planning on TrainingPeaks

  • Unlimited ON- and OFFline coaching

  • Continuously field testing in your program

  • Individualized training zones based on pace and puls

  • Performance evaluation and adjustment based on your data

  • Personalized nutrition plan for your coming A-Race

  • Ecological training - We plant new trees every time an athlete joins the team

  • Unique discount on all our TeamAllOut products and our different partners:

    • TeamAllOut products

    • PurePower​

    • Fusion

    • Xtreme

    • FastForward

  • No binding longterm subscriptions - We only think that's fair!

    Contact us for a 100% noncommittal talk about you and your goals. We believe that only through a good coach/athlete relationship, we can provide you with the best coaching with an optimal training plan so you can reach your goals. We only want the best for you! We fail if you fail! 


Kristian Sletten

Kristian coaches running with a background in nutrition in endurance sport. Kristian is a training nerd.

Søren Selvejer

Søren coaches running with his knowledge and experience with racing. He won IRONMAN Copenhagen and went to KONA

Carl Bastian

Carl coaches running with a background in physiotherapy. Carl has raced all distances and has a lot of experience in the sport

Thijs Nihjuis

Thijs coaches long-distance running. He currently holds the record for the second-fastest marathon time in Denmark

Bo Strandmark

Bo coaches running with his experience within the sport. Bo has completed 9 IRONMANs in the last 6 years. 

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