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Running Plans

Plans for half marathon or marathon by Thijs Nijhuis

Are you training for a half marathon or marathon and looking structure and a plan to follow?

We have together with our running coach and one of the best runners in Denmark, Thijs Nijhuis, developed a complete plan for half marathon and marathon.

The plan comes in three levels, beginner, intermediate and experienced.

All plans start with a small test, this way we can adjust the intensity, so it fits your fitness and level. This way we make sure you get most out of the program and train the right way.

The beginner plans is a 6 months plan, the intermediate and experienced is a 4 months plan.

How to choose the right level?

If you are not sure which level you are, hopefully the description underneath will help you.

Beginner: You are new to running and want to run your first half marathon or marathon. Or maybe you have been away from running for some time. We have created the program in a way, so you build up week by week to avoid injuries.

Intermediate: You have been running for some time on you own and want some more structure. Maybe you have been running a few half marathons or marathons with different plans or without structure.

Experienced: You have been running for many years, is in a good running shape and wants a plan with structure and motivation to build towards your next race.


PriceOur training plans is a one time fee and the price is 499 DKK/67 euro.

TeamAllOut Running Plans includes:

  • 4-6 months training plan in TrainingPeaks

  • 2x adjusted training zones based on 2 tests

  • Part of the TeamAllOut Community

  • Training zones based on pace and heart rate

  • Unique discount on products from our different partners:


If this is something for you, please send us an e-mail with the program you would like and which level you are. You can use the bottom underneath.

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