The TeamAllOut Winter Jacket is your first choice when riding in the colder days. Stay warm at almost any temperatures with maximum comfort.

Our TeamAllOut Winter Jacket is made in an unique e-Vent fabric that is windproof and very water-repellent for the most extreme weather conditions.


  • Made for almost all weather conditions
  • Warm and comfortable winter jacket
  • Three open back pockets for essentials
  • One hided water-resistant back pocket with zipper
  • Long protection on the back for dirt (can be folded up on the back)
  • Two zipped pocket for ventilation
  • Seamless sleeve socket
  • Designed by Xtreme
  • Made in Italy
  • Description

    We want a winter jacket that can be used in many different temperatures, and this was not a easy choose. How can we made a jacket for colder, cloudy and rainy days and at the same time be used at the cold winter days then the temperature get close to the minus degrees?

    We ended up with this solution for the perfect winter jacket that have the features we want for a jacket. The fabric is made with eVent that are a windproof and very water-repellent

    The windproof feature allows you to stay warm even then the wind a cold and hard  and the high water-repellent material give the jacket the balance between a good winter jacket for almost any conditions in the winter season.

    The jacket have three open backpockets for your valuables and a one hided zipped pocket for your phone on the back to protect it from sweat and rain. You will also find two closed side pocket that can be opened to give you ventilation.

    Our Winter Jacket comes with a long sleeve on the back to protect your back for all kind of dirt then riding in rainy days.
    On the sleeves you get a seamless sleeve socket to provide the best comfort then wearing glooves to overlap.

    The TeamAllOut Winter Jacket is made with a eleastic and breathble fabric to give high comfort for both short and long rides.

    We recommand you not to buy the jacket too small so you can have one or two layers inside depending of the weater conditions.