We created the TeamAllOut coffee with the aim to provide you with the perfect combination of great tasting coffee and a maximized caffeine content.


With great expert advice from our great Cooperation Partner Street Coffee, we prodely present our take on the best performance coffee ever. Its no wonder we went with a bean that’s nicke named “KING”

  • Description

    With fresh harvested green Coffee Beans imported from Uganda, the home of the Robusta bean, we have found the best suited bean to our coffee. Robusta is a less know but just as high quality bean as Arabic. And especially the Robusta from Uganda is well-known for its quality, its deep and intense flavors.

    With our beans form the West of Uganda, near the Rwenzori Mountains our Robusta bean offers a unique and wonderful taste and great caffeine content. It general contains 80% more caffeine than Arabica. So it was a no brainer to go for this beancoffee bean special roasted from our partner Street Coffee.

    Another important aspect of giving you the ultimate caffeine rush is to maximize the time where the beans are in contact with the water. That is why we have a few recommendations on your brewing protocol and methods.

    The Rubusta bean is a tougher bean compared to the Arabica bean. The Rubusta bean grows in lower areas where the weather is harder to the beans compared to Arabica beans which grows in higher areas. Rubusta beans are therefore more resistant to insect infestation and is the reason for its high caffeine content compared to the Arabica beans.


    Brewing tip - Hot Brew – French Press

    • Use freshly roasted beans
    • Aim for 7g of coffee pr cup or (a ration between coffee and water of 1:15)
    • Coarse Grind the beans

    Always immerse the coffee for a prolonged time. We advise you to go for 6-7 minutes where you will get the best tradeoff of acidity vs caffeine content in the coffee.

    Brewing Tip - Cold brew – French Press or alike

    • Use freshly roasted beans
    • Aim for 7g of coffee pr cup (a ration between coffee and water of 1:15)
    • Grind the beans to a coarse to very coarse structure (like sea salt)
    • Immerse the coffee for at between 24-48 hours in your frigde.
    • Put in a couple of Icecubes and your are ready to rock.

    Please enjoy as much as we would – And then go AllOut!

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