Lactate Test

Lactate Test


We aim to improve and we know you do the same. With our lactate testing, you will get the knowledge and information you need to get the best out of your training and to have more specific training planning. It shows your current shape and where to put in the work.

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    Lactate testing has been in the world of performance enhancement for three decades and is still standing strong. It is a fast and easy way to get more information so we can provide you with a unique and specific training plan. With our test, you will get even more precise intervals so your training regime will take you even further. You won't waste hours at a wrong intensity and you will know exactly what and how to train. We take small drops of blood during your run or bike test which we will analyse, to give you information about how hard your body is working at the different intensities.



    • Several lactate measurements on bike or run
    • Rest measurement – What are your baseline values
    • Recovery measurement – Let us know you a rate of recovery to make specific training intervals
    • Advance calculation of your 2mmol and 4mmol threshold
    • Determination of your anaerobic threshold pace/power and Heart Rate
    • Determination of your aerobic threshold by pace/power and Heart Rate
    • A deep analysis of your status and comparison with earlier results


    The lactate testing will be done in the field or at an agreed location.

    Let us know if you are interested and we will talk about the possibilities of when and where.