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Favero Assioma Uno or Favero Assioma Duo

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Once you have tried training with a power meter, you will never let it go. Watts is a very accurate way to understand what is going on on your bike. Using only a heart rate monitor can be less accurate as a lot of factors play a role here. That is why TeamAllOut coaches use the data from your power meter, to make your training plan. There is a lot of data to take and learn from, from a power meter. So if you are looking to improve on the bike, a power meter can help you understand and makes your training more specific.


We recommend all triathletes and cyclists to buy a power meter if you plan on training for something specific like a triathlon or La Marmotte.  


That coach Bo has done over 16 different triathlon races around the world. He has narrowed it down to his Top 5 races in Europe that are a must-do according to him. You are welcome to read all about it here