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5 scientific tips to beating the heat

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

It's more and more well known that our climate is changing. But what can you do as an athlete to adapt and overcome this? It is well known that dehydration can impair your physical performance. It is documented that a 2% dehydration in relation to body weight can lead up to 20% worse performance. But as triathlon coaches, we got your sweaty back with our 5 scientific tips

1. Hydrate correctly in your training

If you train in the heat and do it more than 30 minutes we always recommend that you get some fluids during your training especially if you take advantage of the siesta and training when the sun is high and heat is banging. During warm training sessions, we advise you to add a pinch of table salt (sodium) in your water or if you go for an energy supplement provider that targets warm environments. Usual sodium is added to these in the form of sodium chloride and is the most important electrolyte to look for in your drinks when the heat hits (aim for 15-60mmol/l).

Pro Tip - Aim for the churches if you are in need of water. They always have a good and usually free supply. Just do your prayers

Pro Tip 2 - Try to train in black and take a look at your clothes after a hot session. If it has white salt on it, you should definitely have a sodium-containing drink during your workout

2. Train early in the morning or evening

Warm days are difficult to train in because you usually sweat more. This sweat loss can limit your performance if it is not planned probably. To be on the safe side, limit your sweating and train early in the morning or evening. But always be aware that if you have a race in the middle of the day, you need to adapt your training so your body knows how to race in the heat.

3. Seek shade but progress out in the sun

To get the best quality of training by preventing overheating try to seek shade during your training sessions. However, you can adapt to training and racing in the heat if you slowly progress out into the sun. By increasing the time spent out in the sun and heat you can improve the quality of your sessions. This way we keep the training quality high and your body temperature relative low by training out in the sun. Again be on the lookout for a progression out in the sun if you have an A-race that take places out of the shade. Our triathlon coaches know precisely how to do this!

4. Rehydrate with milk

It is extremely important to rehydrate after your training so your body has the best possibilities to benefit from your training. it has continuously been shown that milk, YES MILK, is the fastest obtainable liquid for the human body. If you are vegan or have lactose intolerance just go for coconut milk which also has a high score in the rehydration test. That's why we always have milk in our post-workout coffee ;)

5. Train in light and white clothes

It is not coincident that our TeamAllOut bike uniform is white and is extremely light. White colours have the benefits of not taking on as much heat from the sun as darker colours, Also referred to as more thermal resistance. It is though argued that black clothing has other thermal benefits if it is worn in a loose manner. But we want to be aero on the bike, so if you are chasing marginal gains we do not compromise. That is why we aim to increase performance by wearing white and only use the best providers of clothing that are light and has a perfect fit. Go to our shop if you want to improve your gear.

Now get out there and train!



"Effect of properties of sports surface and clothing materials on human thermal load under hot environment" Yasuhiro Shimazakia *, Atsumasa Yoshidab, Yayoi Satsumotoc, Shohei Taketania (2014)


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