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Ole Hemme

Ole Hemme is 29 years old and based in Aarhus. His daily life is centered around a job as project manager, sports activities, and social life. Ole is a former elite swimmer and when it comes to triathlon he has been racing national and international elite races within short course, middle distances, and cross triathlons.

Ole is now focusing on Adventure Racing and multi sports events. Despite racing himself, he has also been an instructor at Aarhus 1900 Triathlon while studying a Master of science in mechanical engineering & business development.


Having Ole as a coach you will experience an approach where creativity and theoretical practice is combined to “having fun while training”. He enjoys one-to-one sessions with focus on technical details, physical tests, and your mental wellbeing since this is all central to performing when it really counts. Oles' expectation from you is fairly simple: dare to share your dream, be honest to yourself, and do your best. Then we will reach higher and further together.

If you want Ole as your coach, contact him here.

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