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Miki Taagholt

Miki is 27 years old and living in Odense, where he is part of Tri Team SDU and the danish national team. Miki is a world class professionel triathlete and a former Elite Swimmer.

Miki finished his Master Degree in Sports Science in 2021. He combines theory from his studies with his experience from triathlon and racing through the last many years, and this makes him the perfect coach for you..

Miki is still a very active athlete and has tested all sessions himself. He knows what it takes to perform and to keep progressing.
It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a top athlete yourself, Miki can help all kinds of athletes.

From his years of swimming, Miki also does one on one sessions in swimming if needed.

Miki, like the rest of the TeamAllOut coaches, is a believer in the use of data, as long as it makes sense, for the athlete and knows the importance of a good relationship between athlete and coach.

If you want a non-committing conversation with Miki before you pick your coach, feel free to contact him here.



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