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Jacob Lemholt

Jacob is 27 years old, and lives in Vanløse in Copenhagen.

On a daily basis, Jacob is a part of Ktk86's elite team,

where he trains as an ambitious age-group triathlete who dreams of becoming a professional.


Jacob has worked as a physiotherapist for several years in Kaisersport and Ortopædi, which is a house specializing in running, movement and biomechanics.

Here, Jacob has helped and advised all kinds of people, from beginners to top elite athletes in preventing and treating injuries.

With this specific background, Jacob has a good basic understanding of the body and its abilities.


Jacob started practicing triathlon in 2015, without having worn cycling shoes before, with a simple goal of losing weight and beating his teammate’s time.

Most recently, he raced Ironman Copenhagen in the time of 8 hours and 35 minutes, and qualified for the World Championship in Hawaii 2022.

With the studie and working background combined with the practical racing and training expierence, Jacob has an understanding of the physical and mental process, whether you are a beginner, have high ambitions or is somewhere in between.


Jacob believes in the use of data as well as the latest research but at the same time that there is no one-size-fits-all recipe.

In addition, it is important to have a good coach / athlete relationship, and that the athlete knows and has an understanding of what he or she is doing in training on an overall level (the daily training) and a deeper level (why do I train?).

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