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Dieter Comhair

Dieter Comhair is 24 years old and currently living in Belgium. He has a background in physiotherapy and as a physical education and outdoor sports teacher.

After working as a sports teacher in schools, he went to Club La Santa where he worked for 1 year as a bike guide, running and swim instructor. Dieter is still an active athlete who mainly races middle and long distance triathlons and who will make the step to race professional from 2023.


The way Dieter coaches his athletes is driven by his own passion for the sport and with his theoretical background he truly believes that the adaptation and personalisation of training for every athlete is unique. That’s why good communication is really important to find the right combination of your private life, work and sports life.


Consistent training in combination with the correct use of data helps every athlete to improve, from the beginner to the experienced athletes who are still looking to enhance their performance after years of training.

You don’t become a good athlete overnight, consistent training for a long period of time and good communication is key! 

If you want Dieter as your triathlon coach or running coach, 

contact him here.

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