Carl Bastian

Carl is 23 years old and living in Odense, where he studies physiotherapy. Before his studies, he worked 2 years at Club La Santa as a bike guide and running coach.  

Carl has a fantastic combination of theory and knowledge from his education and his own experience with triathlon. He has raced almost every single distance within triathlon; from sprint to IRONMAN and participated in the hardest Ironman in the world - Lanzarote Ironman.

Carl is still an active athlete who races most distances. 

The way Carl coaches his athletes are driven by his passion for the sport; he is engaged in every single athlete and plans every session with careful consideration. He uses a combination of knowledge from studies, own experience and a close connection to each athlete to make the perfect training program for you.
He is like the rest of the TeamAllOut coaches a believer in the use of data as long as it makes sense for each athlete.

If you want a non-committing conversation with Carl before you pick your coach, feel free to contact him here.