Running Coach Bo Strandmark is running in TeamAllOut running kit

Bo Strandmark

Bo Strandmark is 30 years old and living in Aarhus. He has recently returned from Club La Santa, where he has been working for the last 5 years. At Club La Santa, he was coaching different event weeks; bike weeks and triathlon camps of various types. 

After 15 years of elite badminton, he jumped right into the world of triathlon, where he has spent 8 years on 10 IRONMAN's, including KONA and raced 70.3's, Olympic and Sprint distances. 

He is a founding coach at TeamAllOut and started the business alongside Kristian. 

Bo is a hardworking athlete himself. He is fully committed to everything he does. Bo is passionate and motivated to reach his own goals. He transfers this mindset to his athletes, and together they reach the seemingly impossible goals. 

If you want Bo as your triathlon coach or running coach, 

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